Stash Beta Release

Myself and my business partner, Kris Zima, have been interested and working on property development software together for two years. We have had success in our ventures; as a result, we were approached by some property development heavyweights with the question, “Could we help property developers easily find, contact and track their development opportunities?”.

We did our research: there were other solutions out there, like PriceFinder’s Property Scout, or Corelogic’s Advanced Mapping tool that tried to address this need. But, there wasn’t a highly accessible or free platform to help developers with the labourous parts of discovering opportunities and putting them into their property pipeline. Platforms that aimed to address the issue were either too time intensive, too complex or just not feature rich enough.

Today, we are happy to present the first, free version of Stash – a CRM and mapping tool designed with property developers in mind.

Stash is currently in Beta (not a widely available product yet). This means that it is up to you, the user, to jump on, test the platform and give us feedback to keep building an amazing piece of software for property developers.

Bringing a search and save tool to all property developers in Australia.

Stash is a free CRM and Mapping Tool that covers the entire of Australia. No matter what state you’re in, you’ll be able to find property development opportunities using our platform. Did I mention that the entire platform is free to use?

Current features of Stash Beta, Version 1 include:

  • Search anywhere in Australia.
  • Ability to import opportunity data into the platform.
  • Proactive opportunity criteria search.
  • Automatic population of relevant council zones.
  • Single property search.
  • Direct mail template to owner.
  • Comparable sales search within a certain radius.
  • 20 hand-picked statuses to track in your property development pipeline.
  • Filter by notes, status and suburb.
  • Save unlimited properties to your CRM.

Some of the feedback we got after beta release:

“Thank you for the opportunity to start using the app. I absolutely love this idea of the app. Something visual and all in one place.”

“Hi Stash, Just letting you know this software is fantastic. Really love where this is going.”

About us

We know the hardest part of property development is trying to see everything in one place before you pull the trigger on taking the next step of engagement and offer on a property. We are dedicated to delivering a platform that can make finding, contacting and tracking property development opportunities easier so you can get a much higher ROI for the time you’re spending – more time, means more opportunities to target!

We couldn’t be more excited to release this to property developers all over Australia. Sign up for free today and tell us what you think!

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